What your donation can do


If you would like any further information on how to donate to The Civic please contact: getinvolved@thecivicholmfirth-org.stackstaging.com – call: 01484 682643.


Every year we have to raise vital funds to support our diverse programme of activity. You can help The Civic most directly by making a donation, either as a one-off gift or as a regular contribution to the organisation.

All donations both large and small make a difference to what we are able to do.

Contributions provide crucial support for conservation, the exhibition programme, education and outreach activities.

Donations will provide: 

£1.50 – Will provide electricity for 1 hour in the whole building. 

£100 – Wil pay for a local marketing campaign to generate further funds for the trust. 

£200 – Will pay for our water supply for 2 months.

£500 – Will pay for our telephone and internet for 12 months.

£1000 – Will pay for new safe external lighting to our front entrance.

£6,000 – Will pay for a set of our external fire doors to be replaced. 

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